November 30, 2021

Chris St. Clair Net Worth

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Chris St. Clair {Net Worth}

$14 Million

Chris St. Clair is a Canadian local weather telecaster, presently the host of Saturday and Sunday morning and early night communicates on The Climate Community. As he has stated on the present, he skilled childhood in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On The Climate Community, Chris likewise has WeatherWise, a fraction the place he clarifies numerous local weather marvels. He’s the station’s longest-serving host, having joined the station in 1996.He’s an alum of Acadia College, and is a earlier enterprise plane pilot. His e-book Canada’s Climate: The Local weather that Shapes a Nation was distributed in 2009.Chris confirmed up on The Mercer Report on CBC Tv, that originally circulated on January 25, 2011.

{Net Worth} $14 Million
Occupation Actor
Nicknames Chris St. Clair, St. Clair, Chris


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