January 26, 2022

Play for a Billion

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Play for a Billion was a contest, launched by mushy drink agency Pepsi Cola on April 10, 2003 that ran from Might 1, 2003 to September 14, 2003. For the competitors, Pepsi printed one billion specific codes, which is perhaps redeemed each on the Pepsi website online or by the use of postal mail, and of which 1,000,000 had been instantaneous cash winners (e.g. a US$20 instantaneous prize). Of all the codes redeemed, which Pepsi estimated to be 200 million-300 million, 1000 had been chosen in a random draw to appear in a two-hour dwell gameshow-style television specific.[1][2]

A cash selection of US$250 million was obtainable if the US$1 billion prize was gained. The assured US$1 million was paid as a lump sum in every conditions.

The US$1 billion prize was an annuity to be paid in 40 annual funds as follows:

Pepsi, unwilling to pay the attainable billion-dollar prize, organized for insurance coverage protection agency Berkshire Hathaway (the largest stockholder in Pepsi’s competitor Coca-Cola) to insure the payout for a 7-figure sum (a premium bigger than or equal to US$1 million and beneath US$10 million).[1]

In 2004 the competitors was repeated and Jon Kenney of Natick, Massachusetts, gained the million-dollar prize, nonetheless like Bay from the inaugural model, did not win the billion-dollar prize. Damon Wayans and Tom Bergeron co-hosted the television presentation in 2004, which was aired on ABC. The current started with 200 contenders, seven from which had been chosen for the final word elimination recreation the place that they had been whittled right down to not less than one assured millionaire.

Within the 2003 mannequin, hosted by Drew Carey, Richard Bay of West Virginia claimed the US$1 million assured prize, nonetheless did not win the billion-dollar prize (his amount was 2-2-8-2-3-8, the worthwhile amount was 1-7-8-2-3-8, which implies that the first two digits throughout the amount had been incorrect).[citation needed]

On this recreation, the players had been provided a chance to surrender the competitors in change for a cash payoff, nonetheless simply separately would possibly declare it. If no person accepted a specific provide, the participant who was farthest from the worthwhile amount was mechanically eradicated and gained nothing further. The provides, along with the time delay sooner than the outcomes had been revealed, started at $ 20,000 and had been elevated by $ 10,000 (all the best way wherein as a lot as $ 100,000) in every spherical until only one participant was left. That individual particular person gained a assured US$1 million, which could develop to be US$1 billion if he/she exactly matched the grand prize amount. As of March 2020, this latter prize is the easiest ever provided on any U.S. recreation current. Through the printed, quite a lot of players who weren’t in competitors for the $1 billion prize carried out video video games to win totally different prizes. [2]

On the evening of September 14, the final word day of the competitors, the now-defunct WB group aired the actual, entitled Play for a Billion. The 1,000 people who appeared on the current each obtained US$100. Prior to the current, each participant chosen an individual six-digit amount. At a security chamber backstage, supervised by officers of PepsiCo and the Florida Lottery and unseen by the players, a six-digit worthwhile amount was chosen. A ten-sided die marked with the digits 0 through 9 was rolled six situations; after the outcomes of each roll was verified, a ball marked with that digit was positioned in a bag. A chimpanzee then drew one ball at a time from the bag with out different to search out out the order of the digits throughout the worthwhile amount.[2] This amount was saved secret and the ten players whose numbers had been closest to it had been chosen for the final word elimination.

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